The BearBox Site Management System

What is it?

BearBox is a hosted system that allows you to easily manage a complete portfolio of alarms, security, access control and monitoring on your site.

We design and install bespoke systems using top quality components, then we give you cutting edge tools to control it! Set custom access levels, customise your keypad messages, view logs and reports - manage your whole site from wherever you are.

How does it work?

BearBox works differently from conventional security systems: rather than having a limited set of zones that can handle only a few device types, BearBox uses IP network technology, which allows you unlimited flexibility in the size of your site and the devices you can use.

    It also means that you can:
  • check your cameras
  • view recorded video
  • monitor your site's energy usage
  • see your access logs and graphical reports
  • open doors
  • switch off lights
  • and deactivate a false alarm
  • ...from wherever you are in the world.

  • Your site layout can also be flexible - add coverage for new units at any time. Site updates are painless.
  • BearBox communicates directly with your unit management software - rental status and access levels are updated in real time.
  • CCTV is recorded locally, but accessible online.
  • Remote support is free and always available.
  • It's just as secure as an online banking service, using 128-bit encryption.

Knighthood International installs of the BearBox system worldwide. Email to request a quote

Download the BearBox brochure
Download the BearBox brochure (PDF 2.5mb)

Please note: this brochure is tailored particularly for the self-storage sector, however the systems and devices described can be applied to any number of different sites and situations.
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